FHERO - Your Dedicated Finance Hero

You did not start your business to crunch numbers.
But we did. FHERO is here!

    Who We Are

    FHERO transforms your finances into an accurate, efficient powerhouse by taking responsibility of your books and empower you with actionable financial reports.

    We are a digital finance team who make sure that your business can run without the need a single on-site accounts team.

    You may be just starting out, or scaling quickly we’re here to partner with you at every stage of your journey.

    What We Do

    We don’t provide every business service under the sun. But what we do, safe to assume we are the best at it!
    Ever met an accounting team who takes responsibility of paying all fines on your behalf if there is a delay or a mistake? Hi.

    Accounting & Finance

    We record your transactions, maintain your books of accounts, analyse your numbers, and give you reports for decision making.

    Statutory Compliances

    We take over your GST, TDS, PF, ESI, PT hassles, and any other compliance that comes along the way.

    Business Registration

    We help you with registering your business quickly and correctly to avoid any hassles in the future.

    It's time to truly understand what your numbers are telling you!



    Get a dedicated FHERO support team with expertise in your industry, size and stage


    We analyse and give you reports specific to your business and industry so that you can plan for
    the future!

    We Grow As You Grow

    Be it 5, 50, or 5000 transactions a month – we keep scaling your virtual finance team one step faster than you are!

    Real Time

    We resolve your queries with a turn around time of less than 60 seconds! We aim to be faster than the accountant sitting outside your cabin.


    Different people are comfortable with different languages. We adapt to the same and your FHERO will speak the language most comfortable to you!

    Audit Support

    We take over your audit season and coordinate with your auditor, since we both speak the same language it becomes a lot more effective!

    Cost Saving

    We are always less than half the cost you spend for an actual accountant you hire!

    Subtract your paperwork with our virtual accountant !


    Zoho Books





    Meet our Delighted Customers

    Naghappan AL

    FHERO has been a life saver for managing all the accounting for my marketing agency, Let’s Goo Social. They have a well structured team who pretty much take care of everything including the GST filling too.

    Aditi Rao Prasad

    Fantastic and responsive to the smallest and biggest questions. Great team to work with.

    Cyrille Kozyreff

    Very dependable accounting partner. I highly recommend!

    Join Our FHERO Force

    Frequently asked questions

    FHERO helps in completely taking over your accounting and finance function, so you never have to deal with accountants leaving and hiring each time. We are the one-stop shop to manage all your numbers.

    None, whatsoever. We are completely digital, and the mode and manner of sharing the details will be shared with you in the onboarding call. Everything happens at the click of a button!

    No way, that defeats the purpose of your FHERO! You can do this yourself if you have the bandwidth, or you can assign any person from your team (even with zero accounting knowledge).

    You will be able to see the live status of all your filings, and data entry at any given point in time. We will also be in touch with you at predetermined intervals to run you through your numbers and ensure all your needs are met.

    You will get any information that you need within 1 minute, and latest within 5 minutes of asking!

    We will be available at your fingertips and access will be shared with whoever you would like in the organization – chatting with us will be easier than a personal WhatsApp chat!

    FHERO has a team of Chartered Accountants, and experienced accountants who are aware of every single change in law as and when it happens to ensure you are always compliant and have the right numbers with you !

    All data transfers are encrypted for safety and we do sign an NDA with the clients to ensure that there is absolutely zero leak of information. All data is centralized and secured by our servers.

    Taking up your accounting isn’t a burden anymore!

    Connect with Your FHERO today!

    Taking up your accounting isn’t a burden anymore!

    Connect with Your FHERO today!

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